Our services

Monitoring and design of EU policies: facilitate societal benefits through future-proof EU policies.

  • Organize meetings with Members of the European Parliament and officials from the European Commission to promote the model of charity lotteries and monitor relevant EU regulations.
  • EU State Aid-proof compensation of Services of General Economic Interest (SGEI).
  • Sectoral Handbook on General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Embrace future challenges by identifying, developing and introducing innovative services.

  • Impact finance for a large-scale investment in the installation of PV panels for the Flemish social housing sector.
  • Drafting of the annual Impact Report on a multi-billion Affordable Housing Bond.
  • Report of the societal impact of the French social housing sector.
  • Develop a new structure and public affairs operations for a European federation.

Discover cross-sectoral opportunities and best practices through European research and innovation projects.

  • Cross-country best practices research
  • Organize project visits to showcase the benefits of energy transition in the social housing sector.
  • Gather a cross-sectoral consortium to tackle societal challenges as part of a multi-million EU innovation programme.
  • European expert network for professional exchanges and consultancy missions.